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Game Jams

Season Slam

Made for Make-A-Thing Game Jam May 2018, Season Slam is a multiplayer fighter / platformer inspired by the words 'Season', 'Sibling', and 'Kempt'. Doing all the animation for this project myself gave me a deeper understanding (and appreciation) of animation production pipelines. To date this is still my best scoped game jam project.

Harvester's Dance

Made for Make-A-Thing Game Jam September 2018, inspired by the words 'Tandem', 'Radiate', and 'Verdant'.

Part of the challenge I set myself for this project was to create all visual effects from code, giving me an opportunity to stretch my shader muscles. The background shader was created using a scrolling noise texture, the colouring of the green circles was intended to sync with the radial movement and this is still an improvment I would like to make.

The movement mechanics were a lot of fun, the player sinning speed needed to be fast enough that the player can react if they make a mistake, but slow enough that the game was still a challenge.

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